What did I leave out?

I finished my practicum today so this will be my final post. It has been a fun experience and a learning experience. Even though the practicum is done, I still have to box up the room for Special Collections. Then they will have someone bring it over. At that point, the Bob and Kathy Luke Library will have officially sent over all of our at-risk rare books. I have learned more about archival practices this semester. Just wearing gloves to preserve our collection was new to me. I also used archival boxes, tissue paper, and bags to package open material. This final gallery is just some of the images that I did not share in other posts… things that I found interesting. There is a book from the “Overstreet Collection” (he’s a famous local architect and donor), a series of books (we had several), one oversized book that was ginormous, a book from the Treasury Department, one from the National Parks, and a picture that shows how we attach barcodes to rare books. Enjoy this final gallery!

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