A Time of Learning

Lake Lowndes State Park – Columbus, MS

I love to learn. I have not always embraced this fact about myself. There have been periods where I have tried to escape it. And I failed every time. Even in my desire to rest from knowledge, I would find myself seeking out new hobbies, new adventures, and new ideas. That tenacity brought me into the technological world sooner than some and later than others. But that was because I only wanted to go so far. This journey was never meant to be lifelong. I had other plans.

This journey really is the culmination of so many paths I have explored. They are seemingly unconnected, but they all merge at a central point. That point is like a clear, flat meadow… full of beauty and expectation… where there is nothing unseen and everything is unknown. It is full of life and expectancy. And that is right where I am today. I am finally using the experiences, the ideas, and the perspectives from all of my different adventures.

I am discovering new passions, or maybe just rekindling ones that were left to smolder. It is not all familiar. There is much still to be discovered on this adventure. There are visions to imagine, talents to be cultivated, and purposes to be fulfilled. And I am not just talking about in my life. It is time to make an impact… again. Like a meteorite hurdling toward the sun, I feel like I might burn up too quickly… as though I might not make it to the intended competition. This meadow could become a place to rest and reflect indefinitely, but the journey is too alluring. The thought of delving into the technology that is still to come… the idea of helping shape minds and imaginations… the promise of growth will not be contained in me. It will not let me stand still. Yet while I am in this meadow, this convergence in time, I will reflect on what brought me here… knowing that same hunger for more will eventually propel me forward. I will grow. I will learn. I will seek adventures. And I will share in all the new and exciting ways that I have learned… and in the ways that are yet to come.