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I have been a fan of Superman for as long as I can remember. My oldest brother was a huge fan and maybe that influenced my love for Supes. I remember reading comics growing up, watching Super Friends on Saturday mornings, and then seeing Superman on the big screen. My life changed. I do not mean that in a dramatic way, but I have never seen the world the same since. I even have a Superman tattoo on my ankle. The colors have faded but my love for Superman has not!

This archive is a collection of my Superman artifacts. It includes movies, tv series, figurines, notebooks, and other ephemeral. I have met so many people through the years because of my love for Superman. I was a part of a chat group on AOL (who remembers AOL chat rooms?) during the airing of Lois and Clark. I met many of the people in real life that I became friends with on AOL. We all initially shared love for Lois and Clark, but it developed into real-life associations quickly! Over a dozen of us met in Los Angeles in 1996 to share our love of all things Superman! We toured the Warner Brothers Studios and had a special tour that went through the history of Superman and Warner Brothers Studios. It was truly a memorable occasion! Later that week, several of us actually met some of the cast, including Dean Cain and Delta Burke!

The collection is set up as a gallery. I’ve included details about each item. I have added custom tags to make the pictures easier to find.

Feel free to browse around the archive. I really hope that you enjoy perusing this collection!

You can access the “All Things Super” Finding Aid by clicking HERE.

FANFICTION related to Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

I wrote two poems and a short story related to the tv series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. You can access them on the Lois & Clark Fanfic website.

I Imagine You There – a poem
Lois Learns to Fly – a poem
Comfortable As An Old Shoe – a short story

The “All Things Super” Picture Gallery

Christmas gift from my youngest brother. Magnetic Superman "holds" books upright.
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