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Coffee Cup Collection
-Buy local roasts when you cannot roast your own. -Always add a dash of salt to the grounds before brewing. -Do not be afraid to try new blends!

This archive is a collection of coffee cups that I own. I have collected them through the past 30 years from various places. Some I bought and many were gifts.

This collection is not just a bunch of coffee cups, but a community and culture for me. And I am honored to share it with you, So if you have a research need to examine my coffee cup collection, this is the place to do it!

The collection is set up in as a gallery. I’ve included details about each cup, such as size (based on ounces), designs, who gifted, where it was purchased, and what I like about it. I have added custom tags to make the pictures easier to find.

Feel free to browse around the archive. I really hope that you enjoy perusing this collection!

You can access the Finding Aid by clicking HERE.

– LT

Yeti Travel Cup: Dark Blue. 16 oz.
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I only added pictures of 62 mugs. There are more in the shelves. There are also boxes in storage containing another 30+ mugs.