I like coffee – a lot! And I like spending time in a kayak. These two facts have nothing in common except that they make a cool name for a website.

Currently, I am developing this site into an e-Portfolio that reflects who I am and the skill sets that I bring to the world. One day I may write a blog that features my poetry and reflections on life. But this life is hectic right now. I work full-time. I am in grad school full-time. I am on staff part-time at my church. I am taking karate. I write. I roast coffee. I cook. I garden. I take care of my family. I dream about fishing and kayaking. And sometimes… I rest.

As you explore this site, you will find many facets of me. Because I am not just one thing or one experience. I am a reflection of the people who have invested in me, of the learning I have invested in, and of the opportunities that God has granted me.

Coffee Fuels the World is my Facebook page. It is a community page that celebrates all the crazy coffee love that I share with so many others.

I also have an online storefront, where I sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and other items that feature the Coffee Fuels the World mascot or coffee quotes.

I own a kayak. It’s inflatable. I do not get to use it as much as I would like. The local lake was drained for three years for renovation and that put a damper on my kayaking adventures. I long for calm coastal waters or a serene pond to explore though.

I spent thirty years working in live sports television production and news. In the news industry, I think I worked in every aspect of production, but I really enjoyed directing. In sports, I used to be a graphics operator – the person that typed the scores, stats, and graphics that you see on your screen. Then I became a graphics producer – the person who told the graphics operator what to type. I loved working in the live television industry! There was an absolute adrenaline rush about doing something immediately and correctly. There was also immense satisfaction in seeing an almost instant result of my work.

Life rarely stays the same, does it? Our worlds are as transitory as time itself. Seasons mark the passing of time… growth and death repeat… and sometimes God gives us the chance to change our lives…

Now, I am an academic librarian. And I love it as passionately as I did working in the tv world! There is something about serving others, helping to ignite passion about a subject, in the thrill of finding the one piece of information that validates your research – it is just as magical as the magic of television. And maybe more so… because learning can very seldom be taken from us and tv is also transitory. I am a reader and always have been. But being a librarian is about so much more than reading books. It is about preservation, innovation, and everything in between!

So explore… Brew a cup of coffee and savor your time here… Take notes if you desire… Delve into the weirdness and uniqueness that is my passion and my life…

And if you leave with nothing else from your time here, know this… Life is beautiful – even in the tragic, the hard, or the mundane – this life will be what you perceive it to be. So make it a time of service to others… Then every breath, every tear, and every peal of laughter will be worthwhile.