Critical Thinking

Diagram made on is a tool for diagramming software and team collaboration. Diagramming is a great way to bring order to chaos. It allows a user to see similarities and differences, and to find the important connections. Gliffy can be set up in teams for online collaboration also.

Gliffy can be integrated into Confluence and Jira. There is also an online version for stand-alone use. There are many different types of diagrams available to users. Users can choose from basic diagrams, flow charts, organizational charts, Veen diagrams, mind maps, wireframes, network maps, floor plans, workflows, and many other options.

There are several pricing options for using Gliffy. New users can sign up for the 14-day free trial to give Gliffy a try. There are options to pay monthly or yearly. Students can get a free 4-year account by registering with their .edu email. It’s a fantastic deal!