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The Coffee Cup Archive

Overview of Records:
Coffee Cup Archive Collection

CFTW (Coffee Fuels The World)

Series Title:
The Coffee Cup Archive

August 2005-May 2022

62 cups

Residing in my kitchen and my bedroom.

History of Organization:
These coffee cups have come into my possession since moving from Gulfport, MS, in 2005. Many were given to me as gifts. I purchased several. And some were inherited after my dad died. 45 cups reside in the cabinets in my kitchen. 17 reside in the coffee bar in my bedroom.

Scope and Content:
This collection focuses on coffee cups. Coffee drinking has always been a large part of the culture of my family. Many days and evenings were spent sipping a cup and discussing life. My dad was an avid coffee drinker, and my love of the nectar came from him.

Before I was old enough to reach the countertop in the kitchen, I would stand in a chair and prepare a pot of coffee for him. I knew exactly how he liked it. As I grew, I drank coffee only occasionally. When I reached the workforce as an adult, I started drinking coffee in earnest.

I worked at a local tv station at the time. There was a coffee kiosk at the mall, which was two blocks from the tv station. The owner of the coffee kiosk would regularly give me flavored coffees to share with my co-workers. The newsroom was constantly filled with the smells of Southern Pecan coffee or Snickerdoodle coffee.

I still will drink a flavored coffee, but now I am more focused on a good dark roast. I really enjoy rich-tasting beans from different parts of the world. I prefer to buy from small-batch, local roasters or roast my own beans. This love of coffee has also led to an online community that I started and maintain – CFTW (Coffee Fuels The World).

As my love of coffee grew, so did my collection of coffee cups, signs, stickers, and other coffee paraphernalia. There are currently 2 standard coffee pots and Keurig on my kitchen counter, as well as a frother, a pour-over, and a French press. There is a standard coffee grinder and a burr grinder. The coffee bar in my bedroom features a one-cup grind & brew coffee maker. I also have several boxes of coffee cups that have been in storage since 2005.

This collection is online, so you peruse it at your leisure. My favorite coffee cup is only for my use. If you visit, you are welcome to any of the other 61 coffee cups in the house.

Preferred Citation:
Taylor, L. (2022, May 5). The Coffee Cup Archive. coffee and kayaks. Retrieved May 10, 2022, from

Accession Information:

  • Received by Lara Taylor beginning in August 2005.
  • Processed by Lara Taylor on May 3, 2022.
  • Accession Number: 730205913

Processing Information:

  • Lara Taylor
  • The Coffee Cup Archive Collection
  • CFTW (Coffee Fuels The World)

Description of the Records:

  • 62 coffee cups spanning 70 digital photographs. These images are complete with descriptions and tags.
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