Communication and Collaboration

Created using Moovly

I have used Moovly before, but had honestly forgotten how versatile it is! It is surprisingly robust for an online application. I created a short video about Digital Literacy. I tried some different video transitions than I have used before, and was able to do some undercuts on the video clips while keeping the font consistent on top. It was fun. I have not played with video editing tools in about 8 months. I chose Moovly because it was familiar. But then I made the project more difficult than the basic template that I picked.

My main concern with this resource is the price. It is really only for someone who is serious about making videos and movies in an online editing format. The free account is great if you don’t mind the GIANT Moovly logo on your video. But, and this is big for me, a free user cannot just download the completed video. It is available to be uploaded to a number of places though, including YouTube and OneDrive. At $99.00 a month for the Pro version, I would skip it and go with Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro costs less and is awesome. But Moovly does offer about a million videos, clips, and animations for free. And if someone cannot install a program to use, then this is a great online option. There is also an app available but I have not tried it yet.